Elevator maintenance on a different level Appointing The Elevator Consultancy to undertake
an independent maintenance audit provides confidence that
maintenance schedules and quality of maintenance being provided

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Maintenance & Support

By appointing The Elevator Consultancy to conduct an independent maintenance audit, our report will ensure any current maintenance issues are identified and determine whether quality of maintenance being provided is satisfactory and in line with your contract services levels.


We can also provide new maintenance contracts which meet and exceed your business needs and include (but are not limited to) the following:-


  • The correct type of maintenance service for your lifting equipment.
  • An unambiguous preventative and reactive maintenance schedule.
  • The best maintenance provider for the contract identified.

The benefits of using The Elevator Consultancy can include but are not limited to:


  1. Ensuring that maintenance schedules are correctly implemented aligning with the contract requirements.
  2. Ongoing, independent technical support when required.
  3. Assistance with the LOLER inspection reports.
  4. Invoice and quotation evaluations.


We will support and Elevate all of your lift requirements.

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